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There aren’t many law firms west of Toronto with our knowledge and experience – or our track record - in this specialized area.

We create security agreements for lenders, we register and monitor those interests under the appropriate registries in our central system, we provide opinions on priority and we litigate when we need to under the Personal Property Security Act, the Repair and Storage Liens Act, the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act and the Commercial Tenancies Act.

Our clients are interprovincial and multinational, and we know the interaction between the various systems in Canada and the United States. We get results, and we get them quickly.

Our clients get before a Judge quickly when there has been a default, and they get their equipment back.

We have extensive experience dealing with competing asset lenders, GSA holders, commercial landlords, vehicle storers and repairers, trustees in bankruptcy and defaulting debtors.

Our experience gives us the ability to respond immediately to urgent situations, to bring a thorough and persuasive knowledge of the relevant laws and your rights to the attention of the Court and to get your security protected.

If you’ve gone to the trouble of papering your security, you should be entitled to keep it.

See us when you need results, quickly.


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